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Raid Guide: Überflutete Hallen (by Thelyn Ennor)

Die Überfluteten Hallen sind sowas wie der Rift-Einstiegsraid und wir haben für Euch jetzt einen kompetenten Guide am Start, der Euch Tipps & Tricks zu allen Bossen bietet.

Rift PvP Kriegsfronten Guides

Der Schwarze Garten + Der Kodex

Wir geben Euch einen kompakten Überblick über die Kriegsfronten, erklären Euch das Punktesystem und natürlich gibt es auch jede Menge Tipps und Tricks, die Euch helfen Eure Gegner zu besiegen.


Rift: Patch 2.3 auf dem PTR aufgespielt – Free2Play-Modell inc. | Patchnotes

03.06.2013 15:09 Uhr | aenima | 6907 Aufrufe 1 like 0 flame
 Rift: Patch 2.3 auf dem PTR aufgespielt – Free2Play-Modell inc. | Patchnotes Rift: Patch 2.3 auf dem PTR aufgespielt – Free2Play-Modell inc. | Patchnotes

Auch Rift wird in Kürze auf ein Free2Play-Modell umgestellt werden, dies hatten wir Euch schon vor einigen Wochen berichtet.

Inzwischen wurde Rift Patch 2.3 auf den Testserver aufgespielt, der Patch der eben das Free2Play-Modell mit sich bringen wird, somit besteht also nun die Möglichkeit dem Gratismodell genauer auf den Zahn zu fühlen.

Aber auch jede Menge weitere Neuerungen bringt Patch 2.3:

  • Neue Zone: Dendrome
  • Höheres Quest-Cap
  • Klassenänderungen
  • Anpassungen an den Instanzen

Rift Patch 2.3 PTR Patchnotes

* RIFT is Free-to-Play - Details @
* Welcome to the Dendrome - this massive new zone has a lot to explore!
* Guide System: Guards in Meridian, Sanctum, and Tempest Bay can now help lost visitors find their way. Simply speak to one and select a point of interest to put a waypoint on your main map.
* Fire up your Omen/Quantum Sight; Twisted artifacts are now available in all Storm Legion zones with a new title for collecting the full set in each one!

These new services are now available to you for purchase in the RIFT Store:
* 3/15/30 Day Patron Pass: Get all the benefits of being a Patron (Subscriber) from the convenience of using the in-game store. Learn more about the benefits of being a Patron in RIFT: <a href></a>
* Rune Unsocketing Apparatus: Runes can now be unsocketed from your equipment! Right-clicking this new item from your inventory makes the magic happen.
* Planar Essence Removal Device: Like Runes you can also safely unsocket Planar Essences from your focus!
* Transfiguration Bauble: Customize your weapon with the appearance of any other as long as it's the same weapon-type! Be sure to read the instructions carefully when using.

* Daily Quest turn-in limit is now 30, increased from 25.
* Level ranges for each zone are now visible on the main map so that you can easily decide which zone is best for you.
* Porticulum masters in all zones except Meridian & Sanctum can now be used by both factions. The guards in the towns might still hate you though, watch out!
* Improved performance for players experiencing lag when they have many friends and one goes online or offline.
* Changed text of the Close Ticket button in our customer service window and added a confirmation message box when clicking on it.
* Fixed a crash that occured when players had a very large number of active quests.
* Fixed a crash that occured when players were loading.
* The World Event Merchant will no longer be caught day dreaming when initially clicked on.
* Longer broadcast messages from the server are no longer cut off.
* Companion pets can no longer be attacked by other players during a duel.
* Added sounds when opening a lootable chest or bag.
* Auto-Follow no longer cancels when alt+tabbing out while in full screen mode.
* Guild Perk: Cache finder has been updated to be percent based.
* Added credits to the currency window. This will not be displayed if you have no credits.

* Reduced planarite costs for Hunt Rifts and Greater Hunt Rifts.
* Increased the number Infinity Sourcestones given for all Daily Torvan quests.
* Added Infinity Sourcestone as an option to the "Hunting Heralds" daily quest.
* Increased the cap for Freelancer's Marks and Warlord's Marks to 10,000.
* Increased the number of Freelancer's Marks awarded in the Ascended Storm Legion Treasure to 300.
* Increased the number of Freelancer's Marks and Warlord's Marks granted from daily and weekly quests.
* All Storm Legion Currencies: item costs and currency gains have both been increased.
* As a result, all players have had their currency totals multiplied by a set amount.
* The following currencies have been multiplied by 100:
- Plaques of Achievement
- Mark of Ascension
- Greater Mark of Ascension
- Freelancer's Marks
- Warlord's Marks
- Empyreal Sourcestone
* The following currencies have been multiplied by 60:
- Infernal Mark of Ascension
* The following currencies have been multiplied by 50:
- Frozen Eclipse Stone
- Empyreal Slayer's Mark
* The following currencies have been multiplied by 30:
- Infinity Stones

* Removed confusing reference to Class Trainers in the tooltip for low level pets.
* Toggled abilities are now properly marked in the UI as deactivated when their effects end.


* Unbounded Oblivion: New ability. This is an additional 61 point ability and is a ground targeted version of Unleash Oblivion.

* Fixed an issue where the caster’s link to their Beacon would stop functioning if they got more than 35 meters away from their beacon.
* Fixed an issue where resummoning a Beacon of Despair could cause the existing Beacon to despawn without spawning a new Beacon.

* Radical Coalescence: Is now removed when the Inquisitor dies.

* Wrathful Exuberance: Damage has been reduced in PVP.
* Wrathful Exuberance: Procs now have a 35 meter range.

* Vicious Streak: Now increases the critical chance of all abilities.
* Ageless Ice: Updated the ability description to clarify that the snare effect applies to the caster.

* Updated the ability description of all Archon Auras to include the radius of the aura.

* Void Wall: The DoT now falls off when the target dies.
* Lightning Wall: Now has a variable duration.

* Pets can no longer have both Elemental Armor and Stone Armor at the same time.

* Lucent Slash: No longer requires a target in order to use.
* Phantom Blades: No longer requires you to be facing your target in order to cast.

* Deathly Calling: Fixed an issue with stacks applied by Putrify. Previously these stacks did not include the damage buff granted by the Deathly Collusion talent until the pet applied another stack of Deathly Calling.

* Extinguish: Now works when casting on target’s target.
* Combust: Reduced cost.

* Warlock Armor: The heal portion of this buff no longer triggers when the caster damages themselves.


* Blade Hustle: The buff no longer persists if you switch out of the Bladedancer soul.
* Blade Hustle: Now increases the damage of your next Quick Strike or Precision Strike by 5-15% per stack, up from 3-9% per stack. It also now stacks up to 5 times, down from 10 times.

* Ignited Weapons: The damage effect is no longer overwritten by other players.
* Living Flame: Now also applies Fiery Spike onto affected enemies.

* Ace Shot: Debuff now lasts 15s, and now increases damage done to the enemy by 6%.

* Rapid Setup: Now off the GCD.
* Spike Bomb: Now deals damage per second to enemies in the target area. Requires an enemy target and the effect persists at the initial position of the targeted enemy.

* Dark Thane Preset: Updated the preset description to indicate that Plague Bringer causes the Reaver’s DOT abilities to affect 7 other enemies and not 9 other enemies.

* Flesh Rip: The bleed effect now ignores the target’s armor and its damage no longer varies.
* Twin Cuts: The bleed effect now ignores the target’s armor. Cooldown reduced from 20s to 15s.
* Cutting Slash: The bleed effect now ignores the target’s armor.
* Cunning Ruse: Now lasts 20s, up from 15s.
* Enrage: Updated the tooltip to indicate that its damage is a bleed effect.
* Primal Lucidity: Damage has been increased.
* Fury Unleashed: Its bonus effect now be multiplies up to a max of 5 times instead of 6 times.
* Calliope’s Beastmaster Crystal 4 piece bonus: The buff triggered by Messy Wounds now last 30s, up from 15s.

* Reverent Protection: Now applies absorption to group members with the lowest HP by percentage. The amount absorbed has been increased.
* Pacification: Now causes Pacifying Strike to reduce damage taken by 1-3%.
* Protector’s Fury: Now also causes Righteous Fury to reduce damage taken by 1% per stack.
* Light’s Benediction: Now deals Life damage and reduces damage taken by 7%.
* Unyielding Defense: Now also reduces damage taken from spells by 3-9%.

* Swift Finesse: Now increases the damage of Flurry and Reaping Harvest by 10-20%.
* Strike Like Iron: Now increases all damage by 25%, lasts 1 hour, and is no longer a finisher.

* Crest of Consumption: No longer increases healing done by Soul Feast by 20%. Now, it increases healing received by 20%.
* Binding of Shadow: Now also reduces damage taken from spells by 3%.
* Binding of Death: Reduces damage taken from spells by 10%, down from 15%.
* Power From the Masses: Now reduces damage taken by 1-5%.
* Ethereal Bond: Now also reduces damage taken from spells by 1-3%.
* Crest of the Shadow: Amount absorbed has been increased.
* Walks with Death: Now also reduces damage taken from spells by 2-6%.

* Rift Spear: Now tagged as an AE ability instead of a single target ability. As such, it will be affected by any damage bonuses and penalties to AE attacks.
* Planar Blade: Increases the damage of Riftblade attacks by 5%. Fixed a typo on the tooltip to no longer reference Rift Summon.
* Rift Implosion: Updated the ability tooltip to clearly indicate what the "Implosion Surge" effect does.
* Flamespear: Fixed a tooltip error.
* Scald: Enemies damaged by Icy Burst while under the effects of Fiery Burst now take 10%, 20%, or 30% of Attack Power as Air Damage based on Attack Points used, down from 10%, 30%, 60% of Attack Power.
* Icy Burst: Damage has been reduced.
* Fiery Burst: Damage has been reduced.

* Accord of Shifting: Now also reduces damage taken from spell by 0.5% per Pact.
* Unstable Void: No longer reduces damage taken from spells by 15%. Instead, it reduces damage taken by 5%.
* Rift Distortion: Now also reduces damage taken from spells by 4%.
* Surging Touch: Now also reduces damage taken from spells by 1-2%.
* Devourer: Spell damage reduction on Void is increased by 5-10%, up from 4-8%.
* Protective Shield: Absorption from Protective Shield has been increased.
* Power Shield: Fixed a tooltip error.

* Relocated some floating and inaccessible artifacts.
* New players in the starting zone with access to summonable Mailboxes or Personal Bankers can now use those abilities without restriction.
* Players in the Terminus or Old Mathosia tutorial zones will have any outstanding quests autocompleted after leaving them.
* Most Carnage quests now require fewer kills by 20-25%. If your current progress exceeds the new totals the quest will be autocompleted for you.

* Updated images of porticulum locations.

* Volan Fight: Adventurers who don’t play with music on will now have a better audio experience. Additional sound effects have been added.

* Anchor Defenders will no longer chase players over great distances.
* The Means of the Endless: Anchors now reset aggro at a greater distance.
* Worth a Thousand Words: Logging out between objectives will no longer remove the Chronolink from your quest tracker.

* Players can now use mounts in the Scriptorium.

* IA: Reduced Draelock’s damage across most of his abilities.
* Blast Away: Added additional map markers to assist in pinpointing the location of the cannons.
* Escape Artists: Players should be less likely to get caught in the cages.
* Eye Spy: Fixed an issue where players who teleported while channeling on the Spy Droids would not be able to complete the quest without first logging out.
* Great Works: Fixed an issue that could cause line of sight issues when attacking the Eye of the Worm statue.
* Shuttering Production: Fixed a typo in the quest summary.
* Carnage: Bone Minions: Refuse Feeders spawned by the quest Bone Minions now count towards the quest's completion.
* Shapers End: NPCs for this quest should get stuck less often.

* The Mushroom Soup achievement messaging should now be more consistent.
* Rabbits in some caves around Keenblade Mill act a little less like... rabbits...

* Kira and Uriel will no longer chase Guardian players across the entire zone.

* IA: Reduced Norelth’s damage across most of his abilities.
* Caretakers in the Thirsty Skull tavern are seeking dance partners. Next time Jonus tries to kiss the bartender, he’ll get a reaction.
* Zone Event: Secrets of the Deep: Should now be more forgiving about passing out rewards.
* A Walk in the Park: Arlarn Merkur now takes a wider path around potential footholds in the area.
* Valley of Bones: Added a short quest line to this quest.

* Added a Carnage quest to Silverpaw at Point Solitude.
* Vespid Hives no longer instantly heal when attacked by players more than 30m away.
* Digging Up Weeds: The quest giving object no longer sparkles deceptively for players that have completed or are currently completing this quest.
* Erford Deeprock in Quicksilver College is now much less likely to abandon his post and go missing.

* Zone Event: Infernal Awakening: Now displays friendly beacons on the map again.

* IA: Capture Commanders: Antapo Commanders will now despawn two minutes after being captured. Additionally, if a Commander gets stuck in the terrain, it will despawn if the player moves far enough away.
* Fixed an issue during The Craft of Conflict zone event that could result in players not receiving credit if their characters die fighting the Nug Battler Nug.
* Zone Event: Champions of the Firestorm: There is now a 25 second charging period when players acquire Planar Rifles.
* Zone Event: Fortress Defense: General Blythe will no longer become unattackable.
* Zone Event: Craft of Conflict: Fixed an issue where players were not receiving credit if their characters died while fighting the Nug Battler Nug.

* The "Night Terrors" will now always contribute to the achievement Stillmoor Defender.

* Fixed a problem with Dimension "add" and "remove" events for addons not always working properly.

* Faerie Defender now dies with sound.
* Grim Salvarola fire and blood VFX have had sound added.

* All dimensions now have a new tier of limits which doubles its previous maximum capacity. The cost for this new tier varies by dimension.
* New dimensions are available: Hailol, Temple of the Abandoned, Edge of Infinity, and Endless Eclipse!
* If you've ever wanted to live in a bogling hut or shimmersand dome, now you can! Dimension objects with interiors can now be found at the new building vendor in Tempest Bay, or look in the Rift Store under Dimensions > Buildings.
* There are now pre-made walls, stairs, doors, floors, roofs, and windows that you can use to build your dream mansion. You can find them under Dimensions > Building Blocks in the Rift Store, or at the vendor in Tempest Bay.
* Added hundreds of new dimension items including fences, garden walls, magitech items, mushrooms that create clearings, Hailol floral trees, household items, and decorations. Browse the store to your heart's content!
* New achievements can be earned by owning dimensions and by placing a certain number of dimension items.
* Lock boxes: Dimension item lock boxes grant three or more dimension items with at least one item of uncommon rarity.
* Dimension sky projectors now cover the entire dimension.

* The Expert Dungeon Daily now gives 783,000 Alternate Advancement XP.
* Endless Eclipse: Audio updates to Regulos & Zareph's encounter, including ability and ambiance.

* Library of the Runemaster: Defiants should no longer be facing the wall when taking the teleport down.
* Conquest: Increased the distance at which Extractors may be engaged in melee combat.

* You can now preview the item that will be crafted from recipes!
* All dungeon-dropped recipes can now be sold to a vendor.
* All high-skill level runes now highlight the equipment that they can enchant.
* Armorsmith: Comfortable, Thick, Heavy, Medium and Thin Padding now reduces the time to mount by 10, 8, 6, 4, and 2% respectively.
* Fishing: The Twisted Lure now fishes up twisted artifacts in Brevane and Dusken. Like the Rare Fish Lure, it will not work in Tempest Bay, which has neither rare fish nor twisted artifacts to be lured.

* All notoriety rewards in Storm Legion have been made Bind on Account!
* Many trinkets now have upgrade paths!
* The stats on Pus-Proof Greaves have been corrected.
* The artifact set Telaran Wedding Mementos is now properly categorized as Collectibles in the Auction House.
* Members of the same party that are from different factions can now share feasts.
* The original pre-order runes can now be applied to offhand and costume held items.
* The collectable books from the starting area can now also be found in various locations in Sanctum.

* Fixed an issue that prevented the intro movies from playing properly.
* The exit button is now disabled in Dimensions for those who are in combat.
* Dwarves should be able to preview mounts with better results now.

Offizielle Rift Homepage

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